Goldrush Play Joiners

Southampton Joiners
November 18, 2004
Despite being on the petite side, Southampton Joiners is among the UK's most important venues. It has helped break huge acts such as Nirvana and the Manic Street Preachers, as well as any number of up and comers looking to write their name upon the walls.

Presented by Ejector Seat and Trailerpark, tonight is the turn of two of Truck Records' finest÷Goldrush and Southampton's very own Black Nielson. Though not widely recognised within the mainstream, Black Nielson have a sound that deserves recognition. Their catalogue of tunes has such emotion that when coupled with their trademark warm fuzz and captivating presence you have to wonder why they aren't in more CD stacks?!

The band by no means aggressively attract your attention with theatrics and the like in the live arena, yet every eye is fixed and focused on the stage as they sweep through a set of understated splendour, with tracks old and new. They may not be big but they have something to bring to your life, guaranteed!

Headliners Goldrush have come a long way since their days as Whispering Bob, the Americana stylings and subtle pop sensibilities remain but a new, gritty rock 'n' roll edge is slowly emerging, adding a further facet to an already multi-talented band. Despite arguably hitting a period of career narcolepsy after leaving Virgin, the evolution seems to be pointing to a new peak for a band that have surely not reached full momentum yet.

Tonight sees a post-modern mix of oldies such as Same Picture and the more recent Counting Song tantalising the packed Joiners crowd and though it's fair to say that not each song is as good as the last, front-man Robin Bennett and co. have honed their delivery to such place that the songs are almost secondary. This is a band that has a beautifully understated presence and can write tunes to rival the best in the business. A storm is gathering once again.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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