Put a Little ŽLovejoyŪ in your Heart

Lovejoy with Matt Hryhorsky
Clinton's Tavern
November 5, 2004
The night began with opening act Matt Hryhorsky - with his funky rock-trio destined for success. Matt's smooth vocals and alternative funk sound can be compared to Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper.

Matt has a refreshing disposition and tried to get the crowd up to dance, but they were happier just chillin' to his music. Hryhorsky's song, "Footsteps" slowed it down a notch and caught people in his catchy rhythms.

Expect to hear more about Matt Hryhorsky as he is humble, yet promising.

Lovejoy welcomed the audience and shared laughter as approaching the stage. Friendly and comfortable is a great combination - but not too comfortable. The experience of watching Lovejoy live was mediocre and, at times, less than.

Each band member is a talented musician; however, it seems they all could be playing in different bands. Perhaps that is an element other music lovers are attracted to.

It is obvious Lovejoy is a passionate band with much potential. Their music is classic rock and roll with melodic instances; music that mom and dad forgot in their closet back in the late 70's.

The most original aspect of Lovejoy is how they incorporate male and female vocals. Lead guitar player Duarte Castro and Penny Hayward share the lead singer limelight, as well as a special chemistry.

Rock-driven songs like "Pack Your Bags" and "Queen" bring out Lovejoy's musical strengths. Their precise bassist Liz Lulu adds much excitement to the songs, especially with her trademark boa scarf.

Lovejoy's musical talent and stage presence don't match. And you can't have one without the other.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

Photo:Behzad Salehoun

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