Muse Deliver

MacEwan Hall Ballroom
October 25, 2004
When a band's live performance comes as highly recommended as Muse's does, it can make for a very wary audience member. After all, with high expectation usually comes great disappointment. Luckily in Muse's case, the rumours of their captivating live set actually held true.

Bellamy's vocals, while impressive on record, are even more mind-blowing live. Most singers can seem mighty adventurous on a recording, but rarely deliver when it comes to belting out those glass-shattering notes in front of an audience. Not Bellamy though. His falsetto was pitch perfect the entire night, and the strength of his voice never faltered, even through all of the vocal gymnastics featured in so many of Muse's tracks.

It's really no wonder that Muse picked up Q Magazine's award for Best Live Act this year. Not only did the band match the recordings of their songs bar for bar, but the trio also possesses that 'it factor' so important to a live show. Even though the interaction with the crowd was kept to a minimum (just a couple 'thank you's every few songs), it was if the audience's eyes were magically glued to the band.

Bellamy in particular is an incredibly magnetic performer, not to mention one of the busiest on stage. Constantly flitting between the mic, guitars, and keyboards, it didn't seem like he was still for more than thirty seconds at a time. Muse's music is some of the last a person would expect to incite moshing, but mosh the audience did - mostly due to the tremendous amount of energy Bellamy and Co. poured into the crowd.

Although Muse mainly stuck to their most recent release 'Absolution', they did throw-back to some of their earlier work, playing 'Sunburn' from their debut album 'Showbiz'. Bellamy seemed genuinely surprised that the song got one of the biggest cheers of the night, as 'Showbiz' is fairly hard to get your hands on in Canada. The reaction from the crowd for the older track was the one thing that caused a break in Bellamy's concentration, for he is a very serious performer indeed. From guitars, to vocals, to stage presence, Muse side-stepped the hype bubble and delivered the much talked about goods (albeit one and a half hours late - blasted border guards!).

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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