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Coheed & Cambria
October 13, 2004
On a tour promoting their second album, Coheed and Cambria rocked out and wowed their fans at a show recently at the Kool Haus in Toronto.
The show got to a rough start when opening band 3 had difficulties crossing the border. These complications left lead singer, Joey Eppard, doing a solo acoustic set, which was surprisingly appealing to the crowd.
Next on the bill was Underoath.
Underoath took over the stage and proceeded to scream out their tunes and even played some material from their newest album, being released on November 18th.
"You know how you can tell who the villain is going to be? He's the exact opposite of the hero." Finally, after four long hours, the headlining band emerged to a sound clip from the movie Unbreakable and began to capture their audience with their ability to combine melodic riffs and deep lyrics with a dash of angst.
Opening with The Crowing, the band played a mixture of their two albums (The Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets in Silent Earth: 3). The mood was set with tons of light effects, smoke machines and the band's logo floating behind them throughout the hour and a half long set. Even though front man Claudio Sanchez and his rock star curls held the majority of the attention that night, bassist and supporting vocalist Michael Todd's perpetual smile lifted the mood and created a friendly atmosphere.
I was slightly disappointed with the impersonal relationship between the band and the audience as their performance was very down to business and little to no chit chat between songs. But this allowed for us all to hear more songs so they are forgiven.
Coheed and Cambria's set was filled with fan favourites such as Devil in Jersey City, A Favour House Atlantic and one of my personal favourites Delirium Trigger. After performing Everything Evil, containing a rippin' Claudio solo, the stage lights grew dim and as modestly as the band walked on they walked off. After crowd chants and demands for an encore they returned to the stage to perform the both entrancing and empowering The Light and The Glass to a sea of lighters and a swaying audience. Coheed and Cambria is not a band to disappoint and although they left us with what would have been a more than satisfactory performance continued their encore with the title track to their sophomore album, the much anticipated space anthem: In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3.
After seeing Coheed and Cambria at Warped Tour in Molson Park, I was excited to hear they were returning to Toronto so soon. Coheed and Cambria is a band that just get better and better each time you see them. With the concert days behind me it still sits in the front of my mind and I eagerly await another album so that they may return to Canada once again to play another show.

Writer: Ashley Thring

Photo:Farrell Tremblay

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