Oliver Black Set Sail At The Docks

Oliver Black
The Docks
September 2, 2004
Mixing Edge 102.1 musical darlings with a thrilling midnight stroll around The Docks complex does not dissapoint, no matter who you are. As I crammed into front row, I was ready to partake in the mystery that was and is Oliver Black. The band enter, dressed in full rock n' roll style: funky hair, multi-coloured jeans and necklaces from some foreign shore. All I can say is Serena Pruyn, the platinum blond lead singer provides an energy you would think only comes from seeing Gwyn Stephani and drinking 10 cups of coffee consecutively. The dimples, her wavy hair taking twists and turns of performance only to fall back into place and the chemistry the band possesses with each other is a dream. Nicolas Lesyk (lead guitar, vox) is a silent man with a big personality, playing his guitar like a third arm, he lifts it over and behind his head, never hesitating a chord. Serena and Nicolas even managed to warm up an instrumental breakdown when he put his guitar over Serena and kept on playing to the crowd's raving approval. Greg Zack (bass), with his afro and quick tempo played off Serena and Allan Colavecchia (drums, vox). While Allan bust out a tight sounding beat with ACDC T in check, he made the crowd jump and headbang to the ever present talent that is Oliver Black.

Writer: Soul Shine Staff

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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