John Mayer Revisits the Classics

John Mayer
Molson Amphitheatre
August 7, 2004
In this world there really are only two kinds of people. Those who enjoy and appreciate a guitar and a talented musician that goes along with it, and those who don't. The latter are those who are literally missing out on life itself, and whose personal music tastes can be completely ignored. I myself, if not already evident, fall into the former.

So, on August 7th, myself along with approximately 16,000 other enthusiastic people who appreciate a guitar, were privileged to enjoy John Mayer with special guests Maroon 5 and DJ Logic. Smooth acoustics, soft spoken melodies and a perfect blend of rhythm and blues best describe both the atmosphere and performances. From the very beginning of DJ Logic's first spin, to the end of John Mayer's last guitar chord, both the crowd and the performers were feeding off of the energy of those who were both playing and listening at the show.

The night began with an opening act from DJ Logic, a fresh up and coming entertainer with a solid blend of funky beats. Shortly after, the currently unstoppable band Maroon 5 took the stage. Such hits as 'This Love' and 'She Will Be Loved' had the crowd on their feet.

Yet the highlight of the show came the moment John stepped onto the stage. What soon turned into a two hour plus set included a triple deluxe encore, a revisit to a Jimi Hendrix classic, and an Eric Clapton tribute which left viewers breathless. From the up-tempo hits 'No Such Thing' and 'Bigger Than My Body', to the slower melancholy tunes of 'Your Body is a Wonderland' and 'Come Back To Bed', the crowd seemed continuously happy.

What might be considered the only flaw of the night, which was the single Canadian stop of a 35-city tour, was the exhausted tone coming through the songs. In between playing sets, John gave little added commentary or the usual wisecracking chatter to which his fans have grown accustomed to. In hindsight, this could probably be explained by a formula of playing and singing his heart out to every city almost every night of his demanding tour.

Nonetheless throughout the entire show this unashamed female fan, could only sit there and pay John the respect he so truly deserves. John grabbed the attention and admiration of the entire venue, and he never let it go. For all of his good looks are matched with great talent. And that night as I walked back to my car, I found that even though the evening's weather was rather cool, my cheeks were quite rosy.

Writer: Angelica Blenich

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