Delays Light Up Toronto

Mod Club
July 19, 2004
Rays of multi-coloured light, as if through stained glass set the stage for a truly spine tingling experience. The opening band, whose name I didn't catch through the muffled microphone of the lead singer had the vibe of Thom York and Modest Mouse combined. They knew as did the crowd that we were there to see Delays perform their first Canadian show, so they swigged their beer and shot off stage much quicker than when they arrived on it.

While in London, England I had first seen Delays at Barfly in Camden town, then unknown, I knew Greg Gilbert, with his petite frame and huge head of blonde hair would be wowing many a packed crowd across the world with his light as air tenor vocal ability. Fellow bandmate, and brother, Aaron Gilbert worked with the audience, slapping his side and bleeping in and out samples and bass that nearly moved the audience to the roof.

'Nearer Than Heaven' is the track that most stood out during the evening because of its popularity as a single in the UK, but their whole set was fantastic, vibrant and confirmed that Delays needed to be heard and England to be respected for again churning out a well-molded group. Greg Gilbert is without pretension as he smiles and gets the crowd in a whirl on the dance floor, and you have to give Mod Club the one up for being the best place to watch seriously moving performances and the best new international acts around.

Writer: Lindsay Bloemink

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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