Who Killed The Zutons?

The Zutons
Stoke Sugarmill, UK
April 27, 2004
Liverpool band The Zuton's seem to have absorbed a choice mix of influences for their unique take on upbeat rock. Ploughing a rich vein of sixties inspired grooving sounds. It's partly sax, stomping blues in parts, acoustic in others
and even psychedelic in places. It's also high octane stuff, there's a locking of horns between bass and lead as they wring out the last ounce of rhythm from their instruments. Songs like 'You Will You Won't' and 'Zuton Fever' are as
stomping as you'll get. In the background, the drummer Sean Payne and sax player Abi Harding hold things together with a cool steadiness.

Vocal wise lead singer/guitarist David McCabe sounds not unlike fellow scousers James Skelly of The Coral or John Power from Cast. Maybe it's just a typical Merseyside vocal sound, as opposed to the nasal Manchester vocal sound. The Zutons are not a million miles away from the territory of the Coral. However they're not as eclectic as the Coral, and the Zutons seem more about the live occasion, working up the crowd, hitting peaks, pushing a driving sound. Creating an event where people look like they've just been at a gym workout, rather than a gig.

They're of course not easily pigeon-holed but they are doing something that's different. That's putting on a good show in the tradition of Oasis and all those bands where the live event adds to the record, rather than just repeats it. Few bands do that, but live, The Zutons music really does hit a new dimension.

Writer: Peter Doherty

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