Raising the Fawn: More Than Bambi

Raising the Fawn
Horseshoe Tavern
April 17, 2004
I guess you shouldn't judge a band by its name, but sometimes it's hard not to.

I can't help it, but "Raising the Fawn" has always made me think of a spotty little Bambi growing up to become a delicate creature of the forest.

Before last Saturday night at the Horseshoe, I was unfamiliar with their music for the most part, despite the buzz this band is generating. I expected a fragile quality to them: gingerly played guitars, and quiet, quavering vocals. I thought they'd be a little wimpy-sounding, I guess.

The trio proved to be the opposite, of course. Nothing is ever what you think it will be.

On after The Parka's and A Northern Chorus, Raising the Fawn played to an eager crowd at the Horseshoe. The band, composed of Scott Remila on bass and vocals, Dylan Green on drums, and John Crossingham of Broken Social Scene notoriety on guitar and lead vocals, played music that was heavy, intense, and dark at times. Their sound is reminiscent of Radiohead, especially with Crossingham's howling, climactic vocals. He must be hoarse after a show. The band really gave it all, and shot all thoughts of Bambi down in an instant.

Writer: Fiona McLean

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