The Greatest Thing Since Sliced BreadÖ

Various Artists
April 2, 2004
Bands 4 Bread was your typically upper-crust benefit show. A fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank lovingly prepared by some Centennial College Corporate Communications students, the bill featured 4 bands sandwiched between a snide emcee and a whole lotta door prizes. If that ain't a recipe for success, I'm a freakin' day-old focaccia.

Leading off was Jamie Hunter, a whitebread guitar picker with a leavened disposition. His ho-hum hurtin' tunes might not have whipped the crowd into much of a frenzy but the honesty and candor of his performance was much appreciated by the peanut gallery. Two buns up!

Morgan Finlay was up next and his set was far from crummy. He too played in posh isolation, a man and his six-string, and managed to get a rise out of the crowd on more than one occasion with some well-placed banter and his sensible haircut. Poised and polished as a pastry chef in heat, Finlay baked up a load of friendlies and was only too happy to share his bounty. Cool looking guitar too!

Spreading their own unique brand of "flour power", Afflatus plugged into their stacks and rocked out with all the subtly of a dense pumpernickel to the skull. As the first real rock band on the evening, this Toronto band flaxed their power chords and took no prisoners. Mixing rock, funk and then some more rock with a pinch of soul, they've got a unique sound, a great look and a cannon of good-time party tunes. Echoes of the Black Crows, Ben Harper and Sublime yet fetchingly original at the same time.

Rounding out the bill was Cavern, a decent rock fusion outfit in the Traffic/String Cheese Incident mold. Their intricate compositions were masterfully played out and while the respective members tended to loaf around stage a bit too much, you could truly feel that their ace performance was a bi-product of hard work and talent, dammit. Pure talent.

The event was toast around 1 p.m. but all aims had been achieved. The crowd had been fed, the monies had been raised and I left with a mean hankering for a diagonally-sliced turkey on ryeóthe true earmark of a job well done.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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