The Crystal Method Break-Up Toronto

Crystal Method
The Guvernment
April 8, 2004
You could tell the people in the ram-packed Guvernment during the Easter Weekend's massive Decadence party were looking forward to hearing The Crystal Method's rockin' beat madness. After a Crystal Method chant session and a waiting game of 40 minutes the duo finally hit the stage. Ken Jordan of Crystal Method announced after their first few tracks that they hadn't played in Toronto since 1996 - as I recall they did play the Summersault Festival in Barrie in 1998 - and they were having such a great time they wouldn't mind playing the guvernment every night.

They did their job working the crowd into a frenzy and at one point had everyone jumping to the groove after dropping an intense drum break and rolling bass line intro. Playing a few tracks off their latest release "Legion Of Boom" the high-profile collaborators layed down their break-beats in the combinations of a little more chilled out to full on faster rhythms. "Busy Child" was a sure crowd favourite which they left for the end of their set.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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