Stellastarr*, The Killers and The Daybreak Light Up Mod Club

The Daybreak
The Mod Club
April 6, 2004
Having not experienced The Mod Club before, I was anxiously anticipating what this new landmark of College Street would be like inside. If it was anything like The Guvernment, or Horseshoe Tavern, toilet paper would scatter the washrooms, the floor would resemble a landfill and the air would be like the inside of a smoker's lung. Entering the venue, I was blown away by the cabaret style seating (yes seating!) and the alley dance floor that shone with an assortment of fruit flavours. The stage was large and during the evening, I couldn't help but feel blessed that the Mod Club had added some class to the music scene in Toronto. Bravo Mark Holmes.

The Daybreak were the first to appear and these are four guys who know how to collaborate during the night. Shoe, the lead vocalist has one of the most amazing tenor voices. It really adds to the whole feel of what their about. One suggestion, asking the crowd to get pumped up does not make a Mod crowd jump around. I think by the band not realizing how good they are, they tried to take advantage of every song break to get the people moving, people will move when you simply rock out (which they did), so don't sweat it guys!

The Killers. Oh my God this is what music is all about. I thought they were from the UK because of their sedate but stylish garb, but they're actually gamblers from Las Vegas, USA; I'd put my money on them to go far. The gyrations of lead vocalist Brandon Flowers and the lack thereof in bassist Mark Stoermer really complimented in a contrast of character. David Keuning dresses to impress, black t-shirt, silver satin blazer and an afro truly make a rocking guitarist that much more. Drummers usually keep the band to the beat, but Ronnie Vannucci stands up half the time and really gets into it with the crowd, like he were putting on his own percussion show. I would buy The Killers album twice and listen to it eternally. The great thing about them is they don't copy what other bands are doing right now, they have their own sound and they know how to work a stage, you could see the people getting extra excited after every track.

I had seen Stellastarr* in the UK, but hadn't been able to stay for the full show. I love the band and am extremely happy they're getting the press they deserve. "My Coco" was a favourite of the evening, and Amanda on bass is always an inspiring thing for me, simply because she's a woman on bass and knows how to hold her own. I would have turned down the bass a bit, during most of the songs I could barely grasp what lead vocalist, Shawn was saying. It was truly an amazing evening with great talent to back it all up. Mod Club, you've disgustingly impressed me and I'm going to be back for more.

Writer: Lindsay Bloemink

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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