The Distillers: Music That Keeps Playing Well Into the Night

March 30, 2004
This is my first opportunity to write for Soul Shine magazine, and what an
opportunity. So, in one of my favourite phrases, let's get right down to it.

I had the pleasure of going down to the Koolhaus in Toronto, for my first
time might I add, and was I ever excited. As I pulled up, the tension was
mounting. I was ariving fashionably late, and I could feel the base pounding
outside the music venue; the sound was rythem to my ears. Onstage was a
group I hadn't held much respect for; their music and lives dark, attitudes
dim, and an outlook on life.... so I thought, minimal, and so was I made to
feel and believe. But you see, there's a large difference between what media
portrays and what a band delivers. This band had filled the complex from
wall to wall with their fans and quality deep, rock music. Lyrics were heard
and sung by the band and fans alike, almost in an effort to show the true
meaning of music; bringing people together. It was like magic. This band put
on this show for the people. They weren't flaunting their fame, but instead,
made themselves appear to be one of the group, and trying to make everyone
have a good time. Of course, the show didn't come without it's problems; I
saw first hand what drugs will do to a sixteen-year-old kid. It's sad to see
people throwing their lives away like that, but I guess that what media
portrays as the "in thing" for this genre of music. The drug use was very
high in the room, yet if they had only come sober and drug-free, they'd have
enjoyed the concert for what it was worth, instead of being taken out of the
facility and most likely to a nearby hospital. The music this band made was
incredible; Brody Dalle, the lead vocalist, was simply amazing and powerful.
Her accompanyment of lead guitarist, Tony "Bichon" Bradley, next on drums,
Andy Granelli, and their bassist, Ryan Sinn, shone in a light of pure
talent, and therefore the four of them form the band known as the
Distillers. They were there for the fans and it was shown by their actions,
giving it their all. Beautiful covers, and great stage presence for this
show. For the Distillers, I'll let them know.... even though you're not my
prefered genre of music, I'd definately go again.... so keep on rockin'. If
you haven't been to a Distillers show, it's about time for you to experience
what dark rock music is all about.

Writer: Ian Elliott

Photo:Lisa Mark

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