Snow Patrol Hit the Spotlight

Snow Patrol
Manchester Academy
March 8, 2004
After basking in relative obscurity for the past couple of years Snow patrol are suddenly in the blinding spotlight. Lead singer Gary Lightbody takes to the stage, he's nervous, elated and excited. It's Snow Patrols biggest gig so far. Their chart hit Run has seen them suddenly get moved from a tiny venue to the barn sized Academy 1. They've been projected into the big league of indie players.

"This is the best day of my life", Lightbody will say later, and a whole lot more, in fact he chats to the audience after most songs, "Can we take you with us on tour, you're fantastic..." he tells the cheering crowd later. Chart hit Run is of course the highlight of the show, it's lighters in the air for the anthemic chorus and the inevitable crowd response. Lightbody peels away from the mic to let the crowd finish the song, and is left speechless and close to tears (of joy!) at the lyrically perfect roof raising response. Snow Patrol's sound occupies typical indie territory, Coldplay have been mentioned, but Snow Patrol don't have the same sparse piano based sound, and they're not adverse to throwing in the odd curve ball dance number complete with strobes and dry ice. Influence wise they've taken on a few of Grandaddy's structures for Gleaming Actions and especially Run which sounds essentially like a reworked 'Laughing Stock' and 'Whatever's Left' could have be written for Ash. Snow Patrol's music is accessible, it's nice, melodic, indie and earnest but somehow doesn't have that x factor. Give me Grandaddy's fuzzy logic any day, at least I won't need a lighter.

Writer: Peter Doherty

Photo:Peter Doherty

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