Canadian Music Week with Girl Nobody

Girl Nobody
The 360
March 5, 2004
First and foremost; contrary to popular belief , using a theremin in your band does not automatically make you cool. There is an art to having such an oddity. Keep it understated, don't have the damn thing front and center. Use it for decoration, not screaming wobbly solos. Don't announce repeatedly you have a theremin. We can all see it, it's a big fucking stick!

Having said that, Girl Nobody are so bloody coolÖAND they have a theremin. And a moog, and a mandolin, and a whole circus-like collection of instruments that as surely hell to keep track of on stage, but play them they did. And as they concocted their wonderfully rich, deep and just plain inspiring sound, singer Marta Jaciubek coyly cocked her head and sang to the audience with pied-piper-like intent. Meeting her gaze meant you WERE going to fall in love with Girl Nobody, it wasn't a question of choice.

Watching the band play was like watching an artist deep in the throes of his work. Brows furrowed, intense concentration steeling their eyes and yet through it all a sense of looseness and relaxation. They may have been a little unnerved by the lack of a full house, but Girl Nobody nevertheless converted many a new fan to their worship. All that and they left the theremin in the corner too. What a great show.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

Photo:Oz Jenab

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