The Libertines Free Our Minds

The Libertines
Birmingham Academy
February 29, 2004
It's been an interesting six months for singer / guitarist Pete Doherty, drug problems, a spell in prison, falling out with band member Carl Barat...It looked like the end for The Libertines.

However they're back together with the rest of the band for a sold out tour, things are certainly looking up.

Tonight it's packed; people get passed into the pit for a breather...even Doherty's shirt's gone by the second number...

The Libertines pump out their union jacked-up punk, Clash man Mick Jones worked on 'Up The Bracket', his influence is clear, but The Kinks, The Jam and even a bit of The Smiths seem to filter through.

East End lads, Pete and Carl's cockney accents pepper all the songs. It's more heartache than anarchy though. From the shout-it-out 'Boy's in the Band', to the wistful 'Good Old Days' or the Clash like 'I get Along'. They throw light, shade and subtlety into the punk mix.

The crowd knows every word; it's a sing along, almost like being sat 'round the old joanna (piano).

No wonder they've got two sing-song, piano playing cockney geezers
as support on their last date, The Libertines know their roots and their punk history.

Writer: P.T. Doherty

Photo:P. T. Doherty

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