Leviride: A Blue Jean Humping Good Time

El Mocambo
February 13, 2004
To be perfectly honest, before this show I had never ever heard of Leviride.
I didn't know a single thing about these guys, where they were from, what
type of music they played, or what they were about. Through a quick
pre-show Google investigation, I discovered:

(a) They are from Toronto.
(b) Their songs are short.
(c) They have received tons of great press for their energetic punk/pop
tunes and,
(d) Their name comes from (and I paraphrase) - 'a word used by the guys in
high school to describe humping their girlfriends through their blue jeans.'


That really didn't give me much of an impression and a virtually empty El
Mocambo didn't either. Things picked up considerably when the opening band,
Showroom, blasted out some tunes, and warmed things up with their catchy
tunes. I was curious about what was to follow, but to tell the truth, I
really hoped to get home by 12:30 to catch Conan O'Brian's last night in
Toronto. But the room filled up, the Christmas lights entwined around the
band's drum set and amps twinkled, and the band came onstage amid smoke,
hollers and encouragement. A good sign, I thought. Clearly there were some
fans in the audience. So I tried to forget about Conan, settled down, and
braced myself for the 'Ride.

Leviride, consisting of Paul Lahey (vocals and guitar), Calvin Lee (guitar),
Andrew McMullen (drums) and Robert McKitrick (bass), opened with a loud,
powerful number, which got the audience nodding their heads and tapping
their feet. The band sounded practiced and professional, and filled the
room with good, raucous noise.

They rocked out for the rest of the night. By song two, the audience was
standing and shouting and crowding the stage, and the energy steadily
increased throughout the show as Leviride worked hard to promote their new
CD. Their short but sweet, punk-tinged clamor was so well-received by all
in attendance that Lahey exclaimed, mid-set, "Our new CD is called
"Nothing's Getting Better"- but by the way it's going tonight, things are
definitely getting better."

I must say, I felt the same way. Even the awkward couple sitting at my
table, obviously on their first date, shook off their shyness as they got up
to join the crowd at the front of the stage. For knowing practically
nothing about Leviride, I was impressed by their show. It was fun and loud
and energetic, and everyone seemed to really dig their punk/pop/rock blend.

I gotta say I'm still not sure about the name though, guys.

Writer: Fiona McLean

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