Brooke Fraser Packs Opera House with Latest Material from ' Flags'

Brooke Fraser
Opera House
November 23, 2010
Brooke Fraser is officially big in Toronto; I can say this without a doubt for the following reasons. One, she had a thick line up of fans streaming around the block upon arrival at Opera House, which is a huge change compared to her last visit to Toronto at Mod Club in Fall 2008. Second, she had to change venues from the cramped quarters of Lee's Palace to the spacious Opera House and sold out the entire venue with an adoring packed crowd. Third, nearly every song the crowd were participating with finger snaps, claps, and were bang on with the lyrics from each of her albums including her latest gem, Flags.

Fraser delivered material from all three of her releases, beginning with the intimate "Deciphering Me" from What To Do With Daylight to the title track off her second release Albertine retelling a story about the Rwandan genocide, and ending the evening with the light and airy "Coachella" off Flags.

She mentioned that as a child she had always wanted the superpower of flight. With the ability to jump around a variety of themes, with her powerful soprano and nearly cinematic musical arrangements, Fraser's has earned her wings through her thought-provoking and engaging material that have made her musical career soar. Her lyrics are quirky, relatable, hopeful, and engaging - much like the singer's own personality on stage. During "Something in the Water" Fraser remarked, "you sound like a thousand dwarfs!" when she had the audience lending their pipes to the whistle bridge, at another moment during the night she let the crowd sing "O Canada" to her, and even donated her 27th birthday to an organization called My Charity Water, were she is raising $50,000 to build water wells to deliver clean water to developing nations. Upon reaching the goal, she will be delivering the GPS coordinates of the water wells in Google Earth and visiting one of the sights to show what the collective effort has gone to support.

For more information on Brooke Fraser, please visit and to donate to her water well project please visit

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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