Hillsong UNITED Kick Off Summer at Christian Heritage Day

Hillsong UNITED
Molson Amphitheater
June 6, 2009
It’s always a beautiful day for worshipping God, but somehow a sunny day and the anticipation of worshipping with Australia’s Hillsong UNITED and Ireland’s Bluetree makes it even more exciting.

Bluetree opened with full Irish fervor and used a lot of electronic samples to back their melody line. One of their most poignant songs was “God of This City”, made popular by Chris Tomlin. Bluetree wrote the song while in Thailand in a brothel. The band had convinced the manager to let them play a three hour worship set, just thinking they were a band from Ireland there to entertain his western “customers” he agreed to let them play. While playing worship music, seeing the young girls and boys going to the back to have their bodies mauled by sexual predators, God gave the band a song of strength and hope for all who were suffering, “God of This City”. A key line in the song is “greater things are still to be done here.” The song spoke of the justice that would be done in the future by God for those whose freedom was stolen from them.

I spoke backstage with drummer Brandon Gillies about what Hillsong UNITED sees as their mission for the future and he remarked that their passion was to equip the local church and help them know that they’re connected with other local communities around the world in their mission. The band comes together to excite people about the hope of God and what He’s done for us, to join together with each location they visit to worship Him, and to give Him the glory; that’s what separates their concert from any other that would play the amphitheatre – the focus on worshipping God not putting the focus on themselves.

The band just released a CD called “Tear Down The Walls” and their soon to be released DVD, “We’re All in This Together” is looking at potential widespread cinematic release. UNITED capture the essence of honesty before God in their lyrics, and the Spirit of hope is evident in their energy and what they stand for. Please visit them at www.hillsongunited.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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