Starfield Play Intimate Setting in Newmarket

Newmarket Community Church
September 7, 2008
We were enticed by the intimate setting of Starfield’s Fall leg of their We Will Go Tour. I had never been to Newmarket Community Church before, but it was interesting to see a church take a clear interest in giving the youth groups of the surrounding area an opportunity to worship Jesus with well known international bands in a church interior that looked clearly set up for a band rather than a pastor’s sermon. A meeting place for the broken in a social setting seemed their mission and clearly their call as a church to reach out to the youth of the community with a positive social setting. While we missed openers Johnny Parks band, we did have a chance to check out their myspace page after the show and found they are an amazing indie Irish band definitely worth checking out, their website is below.

Starfield played an amazing set with throbbing drums, soaring guitars, and powerful vocals from brothers Jon and Tim that could jump from high dance fever to a hushed whisper to lead us in worship. The band played songs off their latest album I Will Go with “Son of God”, “Reign in Us”, and the Hillsong cover “Hosanna” being some stand out performances.

When speaker Will Graham came on stage, grandson of Billy Graham, he began talking to the crowd about purpose. One particular thing he said stuck out, it was about a pen. Will asked the crowd, “What does a pen do?” to which the crowd said, “ It writes!”, so Will proceeded to place the pen on top of the notepad he had on a stool on stage. He said, “I don’t know if they trust my judgement since I’m an American, so Tim [from Starfield] since you’re Canadian tell me, is that pen moving?” Tim looked closely and said it wasn’t. So Will asked the crowd, “I thought you guys said a pen’s purpose is to write?” The crowd said, “you have to hold it and write with it!” Then Will said something profound about our purpose, “That’s right, we’re like this pen. We can only find our purpose in the Master’s hand, we can’t do anything without Him.”

It was excellent to see Starfield come back to Canada and perform in intimate settings in smaller towns, dozens of kids at this show made a decision for Jesus to become Lord and Savior in their lives and Starfield led a refreshing time of worship and celebration to our Creator; you can’t help but marvel that when Jesus is glorified in a place how much good can come out of it.

For more information on Starfield please visit and for more on openers Johnny Parks Band please visit

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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