Jamie Lidell Gets the Opera House Dancin'

Jamie Lidell
Opera House
June 5, 2008
UK soul man Jamie Lidell entered the stage with Risky Business black-mirrored shades, a black and gold lame jacket, striped hospital pants, and a grunge t-shirt. His band was no exception to making a fashion statement on stage with their white pajama robes and Super Dave pantsuits; we knew it was going to be an unusual and yet creative evening. Lidell kicked it off vocally with some high energy soul music from his latest album Jim. After about 3 songs he transitioned to his “sonic scientist” persona and worked the rhythm into trance music on his various computers, microphones, and dials. The saxaphone player even used a Vocoder which made his vocals sound like a mix between Kid Rock and an alien with its bleeps and blops to harmonize with Lidell. The saxaphone player at several points in the evening even played 2 saxaphones at once! For anyone who plays sax, you know it takes a lot of breath power to play even one, so that was pretty incredible. There was also a videographer who would film the stage action and it'd be shown on the screen in the back with different special effects like Super 8 grain, shining stars, neon outlines on the equipment and Lidell; all very 70s vintage, which made the environment very much a part of the performance.

Lidell is like Jerry Lee Lewis; full of energy and raw talent as a performer, which you can see as he keeps going after his sweat flies off him and he continues to bust a move and dance around the stage. His band members each had respectable harmony with what was happening when Jamie got in a groove, vocally and physically. At one point one of them surfed the crowd and at another instrumental breakdown, band members were playing the tambourine and just dancing backstage and out in the audience along with the roadies and backstage team.

A Jamie Lidell show is the total package and highly recommended. While the actual album Jim harnesses the tightness of studio production, Lidell's live experience goes crazy and creative and the audience loves every minute of it. It’s not just the music you come to see, but also the wild outfits, the new sounds Lidell will carve out in the show, and singing and dancing all to the same fun, clean groove, which gets to the core of how music was meant to be played.

For more information please visit www.jamielidell.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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