Joel Geleynse Rocks the Reverb

Joel Geleynse
April 30, 2008
Joel Geleynse, aka Joel G, brought a touch of glam to the dark, dingy room at the Reverb this past Wednesday night. Donning a blazer, a touch of gel and bit of eyeliner he and his backing band (with an equal amount of colour and a few sequins) were a bit brighter than the bands that preceded him that evening.

Playing a combination of sing-songwriter ballads and fun pop tunes he started his short set with a couple of slower tunes including the melancholy “Nothing Left To Lose”. Then he launched into the upbeat “Molly”. The danceable tune that he described as a song he’d written for a wedding was as far away from the typical grand wedding ballad as you can get.

Moving easily from upbeat to slower tunes he transitiomed into a couple of break-up songs; the sad love song “Now that You’re Leaving”, and the -- we’ve broken up but I’m probably better for it tune “I Don’t Think You Knew Me Well”.

It seemed like Geleynse and the band were just getting warmed up as the short set ended and though it was clear that the songwriting was solid it was the upbeat, more-danceable songs that were most enjoyable for both band and crowd.

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Writer: Michelle Garcia

Photo:Michelle Garcia

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