Tokyo Police Club Rock The Ottawa Blues Festival

Tokyo Police Club
Ottawa Blues Festival
July 13, 2007
Newmarket, Ontario natives Tokyo Police Club rocked Black Sheep Stage at this years' blues festival in Ottawa.

It all started off Friday afternoon with a phone call to the stage manager from one of the members of the band. The phone call was a heads-up, letting everyone know they were going to be late because their van had broken down. TPC arriving late left much of their gear in the broken down van and so they only took the necessary instruments which left the stage technicians scrambling to get everything in place.

After having spent a week at the festival, realizing it wasn't much of a blues festival at all but more of a music festival, seeing the crowds walk from stage to stage to realize that it was getting quit full where I was standing. The crowd for TPC was like nothing I had seen all week at the particular stage and I found myself swamped in a record crowd of at least 5-7,000 people, the most I had ever seen at the Black Sheep Stage in 2 years. Fighting my way back stage took almost twenty minuets and once back there I found out that they had called for extra security and brought in a truckload of extra barricades for this unexpected crowd.

8:00pm rolled around and TPC took to the stage. With thousands waiting, Dave (lead vocals), strapped on his base and with no time for a sound check opened the set with "Cheer It On".

The show was great and the sound was excellent despite all the last minute scrambling. The set however a short 45 minutes even though they had the stage for 1 hour. With the great crowd they had they could have played a little longer. After the show I went over to talk to Dave as he was packing up his equipment and he said he's happy to be going home for a few days before heading out on the road again.

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Writer: Jonathan Taillefer

Photo:Jonathan Taillefer

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