Hillsong United @ Molson Amphitheatre

Hillsong United
Molson Amphitheatre
June 2, 2007
On June 2nd Ontario Place experienced an influx of visitors as Christian Heritage day began a series of memorable events. As a part of this day, movies like the stellar FoxFaith flick The Ultimate Gift played at the Cinisphere, concerts by such acts as NewWorldSon, Article One, Adam Farrell and Turn off the Stars blasted watersliders and music lovers alike at the YourMusicZone.com tent, and worship leaders gathered at workshops to improve their musical technique and reach.

Photo: NewWorldSon

Photo: Article One

Photo: Turn Off The Stars

When the evening rolled around, I knew without a doubt that this particular show would provide an atmosphere and setting unmatched by the likes of performers such as Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys. The show I was about to experience wasn't focused on special effects, intricate choreography or costume changes. This concert was all about the message.

Soul Shine's editor, Lindsay Whitfield told me that Starfield began to warm up the crowd for an awe-struck evening of worship set to rock 'n' roll. Playing such hits as "My Generation" and their classic "Filled with Your Glory" and that the crowd jumped out of their seats to participate instantly with the talented Vancouver band.

Photo: Starfield

When Hillsong United came on, I would have to say they are arguably the most recognized and talented worship band in the world and proved it to me and thousands of others that evening. A crowd of 11,000 people immediately jumped to their feet as the band began one of the most upbeat and powerful performances I have ever been witness to. As the set began with songs like "Break Free" and "You", everyone was on their feet and fully experiencing the show by allowing themselves to freely worship and let loose. While people clapped, lifted their arms and jumped around, the band continued to play to their fullest capacity. As I watched the members of Hillsong United on stage, I was in awe and wonder as the various musicians freely worshipped and lifted their praises to God, a sight that is not often displayed at such a public venue.

Photo: Hillsong United

The show continued on while the band moved into slower songs, creating a peaceful and still atmosphere. Songs such as "Hosanna" and "From the Inside Out" once again brought people to their feet as they raised their arms in worship. As members of Hillsong sang with true emotion and adoration towards their saviour Jesus Christ, audience members hung onto every word and emotion. Songs played on and on, forgoing their usual allotted time, to allow people to continue in worship and praise.

Photo: Hillsong United

Photo: Hillsong United

As the show reached its halfway mark, Phil Dooley, an Australian Assemblies of God pastor took the stage. Dooley is the youth pastor of Hillsong United, the youth group of Hillsong Church in Australia. As the concert winded down and the band took a break from performing, Dooley began sharing with the crowd the importance of witnessing and having faith in God. Dooley used Peter and Paul as examples as he encouraged the crowd to go and be disciples for Jesus. After Dooley spoke, he invited members of the audience to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. An overwhelming response of 800 people came forward and received Bibles at the side of the stage.

Photo: Our generation being moved to worship Jesus. (Credit: Lisa Scherbinsky)

As the show wound down, Hillsong continued an amazing performance complete with a heart pounding two song encore. Even though it was evident that no one wanted to see them leave, the time had come to bid farewell to the talented group of Aussies that had graced us with their presence. As people began to filter out of Ontario Place, the buzz of excitement and praise was still clearly shining on everyone's face.

For more on Hillsong United please visit http://www.hillsong.com/united/.

Writer: Angelica Blenich

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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