Hot Hot Heat, The Unicorns & French Kicks

The Unicorns Hot Hot Heat
The Opera House
Why do we love bands that go nuts onstage? Because it gives us permission to go nuts ourselves. At 23, I am officially too old for the mosh pit, but let me tell ya I was bopping my head like mad from the comfort of the balcony at The Opera House.

First up: The Unicorns. Three skinny guys in pink pants and sweater vests. You could almost hear everyone's eyebrows raise simultaneously, but not for long. These sissy-boys twitched and shook through a great set of noisy garage pop making more than a few new fans. And what's not to like about faux gear-smashing at the end of their set?

Next came New York's French Kicks. Maybe there's something about living in New York that forces you to permanently keep your shmooze on, but boy did the handsome Josh Wise ever play nice with the crowd. Equally handsome are the rest of the band members and the music they played; a Rolling Stone's-esque blend of mellow rock and psychdelia.

And last but certainly not least, Hot Hot Heat. Now I know why a carpet was laid down on stage. Steve Bays on vox and keyboard must have had to stretch prior to cavorting around on stage like that. Without the carpet there would certainly have been a twisted heap of singer to detangle. The energy was incredible and Hot Hot Heat just kept blasting though one song after another, their set heavily reflective of their latest LP Make Up The Breakdown.

It's a wonder they've managed to keep up that pace for the past 19 months but I'm glad they had the energy for yet another rockin' show.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

Photo:Oz Jenab

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