Delirious? Play Altered '07 in Toronto

Queensway Cathedral
May 22, 2007
It was a familiar scene in the halls of Queensway with vendors lined up and everyone from high school kids and adult hipsters were smiling at people passing by; a family was in the house tonight and it's remarkable how that happens whenever you enter a worship service, people's faces change, things grow more intimate and the clarity of God's presence is visible.

Nashville's Geoff Moore opened the night with a stellar video from Compassion Canada that really opened my eyes to why it's so important and easy to sponsor just one child, a step that if everyone did it, would really shine a light on what we're here for; to help others get by and provide some hope to their situation. Seeing Delirious? perform for such an intimate crowd at Queensway was amazing, people still rushed the stage and jumped around the pews and the light show that the church is capable of producing is one of the best spots in the city with ample seating and jumping room for such hits as "Paint the Town Red" and "Here I Am Send Me". Altered '07 was the name of the evening, a title that encourages our generation to alter history with integrity through our choices, to stand for God when it's unpopular among our friends or in our job, and to speak out for those who have no voice in our consumer driven neck of the woods.

If there's anything I could learn from seeing Delirious? perform live in Toronto it's that anything is possible. There's so much passion to their lyrics and to be encouraged to be a history maker in whatever it is you do really provides a sense of unity in the church and as a Canadian, so no matter what, there's something special in a performance by a band who always drives people to unify and head for Jesus in the core of their worship, not just the twinkling lights. With bands like Delirious? as an example for the Canadians in attendance, it's a healthy reminder of how possible it is to make change happen when we have God on our side.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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