Snow Patrol Warms Toronto Crowd

Snow Patrol
Ricoh Colesium
March 31, 2007
Irish eyes were most definitely smiling as Snow Patrol won over a Toronto crowd in their first stadium show in the city.

Energetic openers OK GO got the crowd warmed up with their catchy brand of dance-rock, playing favourites like "Get Over It", "Do What You Want" and "Invincible". But the highlight came when they slowed it down for "Lately It's So Quiet" asking the crowd to wave their cell phones, cameras and whatever else folks had in their pockets that lit up in the air, creating the 21st century version of throwing lighters in the air. The only slight disappointment was that the treadmills that made their video for "Here It Goes Again" a You Tube favourite were no where to be seen.

Snow Patrol eased into their show slamming out "Spitting Games", "Beginning to Get to Me" and "Chocolate" before stopping for a breath. Though it was the radio ready rock that brought the masses to the Ricoh Coliseum that night it was frontman Gary Lightbody's easy rapport with the crowd that truly won them over. Helping add some intimacy to the hockey stadium full of people, he chatted easily with the audience about how his failure to put his clothes on in the right order that evening was leading to a less than perfect evening and then asked if the audience could please yell at his equipment for him for not cooperating. But if Lightbody and co. were having an off night, no one could tell.

The band played through a mixture of tunes from their 2003 breakthrough album Final Straw including "Grazed Knees", "Ways and Means" and "Run" and tunes off of their most recent release Eyes Open. The confident band sung their signature tune "Chasing Cars" during the first half of their set to a crowd of fans (and Grey's Anatomy lovers) singing back every word.

The tune "Set The Fire To the Third Bar" required an enlisted the help of a couple of audience members to fill in the harmonies originally sung by Martha Wainwright on the album. Even when audience participation wasn't required the crowd eagerly made themselves a part of the show throwing their hands in the air, clapping and as the band belted "light up, light up" during the epic tune "Run" a small crowd in the front made even the band members smile as they lit up sparklers and waved them around their heads.

Ending on a high note they closed the show with a triple encore starting with the melancholy, reflective "Finish Line" but not finishing there they turned it up a notch with the epic "Open Your Eyes" and finally ended off the night with the high energy tune "Hands Open".

Though it's not likely the first or last time the comparison's been made, the Irish band definitely reflected shades of Coldplay, which is both a compliment and a curse. Though no artist just wants to be the band that sounds like so-and-so, to show qualities of a band that has been both popular and critically acclaimed can't be all bad.

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Writer: Michelle Garcia

Photo:Michelle Garcia

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