Soweto Gospel Choir Bring the Spirit of Africa to Toronto

Soweto Gospel Choir
Hummingbird Centre
February 27, 2007
After finding out that the Soweto Gospel Choir had been on a bus for 12 hours to get to Toronto I had pictures of very tired performers just doing what was needed in a show. Wow! Was I surprised with the energy that poured out of them with each and every movement and melody. What started out with a short talk of what was to be seen and heard that night it quickly progressed to a show that just sky rocketed to the highest point in the bright night sky, the whole Hummingbird Centre was alive with dance and song.

Years ago, I got my first eye opening glimpse of the wonderful music of African gospel music and now to find myself humming different songs of the Soweto Gospel Choir's Blessed album was an incredible reminder of the potency of the music. At points I would be singing in languages I didn't speak but would know the tune because praising God in any language is all done with love and open arms. Not only that, the choir is bringing awareness to the world about how devastating HIV/AIDS is in Africa. They also talked about the 10th Anniversary of Democracy in South Africa and performed the track "Weeping" in light of it.

If you have the chance to see Soweto Gospel Choir jump on it because it will leave you with a feeling that will make you smile every time you hear it or even think about it. I enjoyed the whole show but "Asimbonaga/Biko" was a stand out and was sung with feeling that could take your breath away and for that I thank the whole choir.

As I looked around the crowd, all I could see was the look of awe and amazement from the onlookers who had no ideas what to expect. You could not look around without seeing heads bobbing or toes tapping and a warm and gentle feeling that you could not help but smile and want to run off to buy a ticket to South Africa to enjoy the culture first hand. The Soweto Gospel Choir will astound you with their phenomenal performance and purchasing the CD of their performance will have you in the spirit of South Africa all day long.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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