Starsailor Shines on Toronto

The Guvernment
January 17, 2004
I love it when people don't know about a great thing. Starsailor and the surprise of the evening, Jonathan Rice (over formerly scheduled Tim Burgess) combined were that great combination for a curfewed Saturday night out. At first I actually thought the poster art and the name went along with the same media plan as with Irish charmer, Damien Rice (no relation), but was pleasantly surprised that Jonathan could stand in the silent spotlight of the stage and not an eye left him as he sang about 'moon wombs' and 'vapour'; words you love to say.

Now, Starsailor are a silently seductive treat from England whom I personally have been waiting to see live for quite some time…ok, a year. James Walsh does carry the group publicity-wise despite his shy nature towards the press in interviews. He produced a crisp wit for the evening and all four of them delivered a creative, fantastic sound even better live than on the CD. When James asked the audience where they were from he kept nodding his head until one girl said she came from Poland and he replied, "Oh…well…that's one place we've never played." During another break a different girl yelled for him to take his shirt off to his request he kept it on simply because, 'Being a dad now I forget about that sort of thing, I don't think you want to see what's under my shirt!" He's humble and charming. Even while false starting a capella you can't help but smile warmly at his breezy human nature.

Walsh manages lead guitar well and has an intelligent chemistry with the rest of his bandmates. 'Music Was Saved' and 'Alcoholic' where the two hits from both albums. They have matured into the exploration of disco with 'Four to the Floor' which the audience reacted to brilliantly. If you market retro, they will come.

Writer: Lindsay Bloemink

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