Relient K 'Must Have Done Something Right'

Relient K
The Opera House
March 14, 2007
For the past seven years Ohio based band Relient K have put in a lot of hard work to get to where they are today. With a quirky sense of humour, catchy lyrics and uniquely creative song titles, the band has attracted fans of all ages and from all over the world. Their fan base has also widened a lot in the past little while thanks to appearances on shows including 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', 'Much On Demand', and MTV's 'Total Request Live'. Relient K has definitely done something right in the past several years of their music career.

The night began with the music of two other groups, Sherwood and Mae. The audience seemed impressed as I overheard people talking between music sets about how much they enjoyed aspects of each of these bands. Relient K eventually took to the stage at about ten o'clock. Fans were excited to see band members; Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes, Dave Douglas, John Warne, and Jonathan Schneck, and the fact that lead singer Thiessen holds Canadian citizenship only made the crowd love them even more. When Thiessen asked if anyone knew where Stevensville, Ontario was; a few people shouted with excitement, but as to if they really knew that? Well that was up in the air. I knew of it though, oddly enough he was born just a few minutes away from where I spent part of my life.

Relient K kicked off their musical set with a couple of familiar songs but weren't slow to give fans a taste of new material off of their newest album released just last week. Five Score and Seven Years Ago which is said to be #1 on the charts in the coming weeks. Showcasing fresh new songs with a flavour of melodic, pop-punk, rock and roll style, it's bound to be another hit record for these guys. Relient K showed off their ability to multi-task throughout the evening, switching instruments several times within one song. Thiessen changed between his guitar and piano for most of the night.

Some of the songs included older classics, "Chapstick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry", "In Love with the '80's", and "Sadie Hawkins Dance". The band then sang many of the tracks off the new album including, "Forgiven", "Must Have Done Something Right", and "Faking My Own Suicide" in which a narrator fantasizes about faking a suicide attempt to gain the attention and affection of his dream girl. With instruments like the banjo, pedal steel, and xylophone being played on songs, it showed just how creative these guys really are.

The night was a hit. Relient K entertained and interacted with their audience; making them feel like they were long-time friends. Fans got what they came for and didn't leave the Opera House disappointed. If you don't already have the album, then be sure to buy it. These are five talented guys who still have a long career ahead of them.

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Writer: Matt Borrelli

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