Funky Nashville ' Hitch a Ride' To Canada

Funky Nashville
Silver Dollar Room, The
March 10, 2007
Sitting in the Silver Dollar Room with the lights dimmed as Funky Nashville stepped on stage it was easy to forget that you were sitting in a bar during Canadian Music Week on a chilly March evening and easy to think you were in a dusty bar in the Southern United States in the middle of a Western movie.

Though they hail from Denmark, the first band in the Spot on Denmark showcase that night, Funky Nashville exudes a fierce streak of Americana. The band took the stage with lead singer Sverre Stein Nielsen decked out in a slick suit and a pair of aviators.

Playing like the soundtrack to an American road movie the set started with the wailing of instruments and Native American like chants from the band members. Though their music is laden with twangy reverberating guitars and an almost Mexicana type sound you would never mistakenly call it country, but country influences infused into rock. Vignettes of echo-y narration in the middle of songs only added to the movie soundtrack effect.

Highlights include the epic fight scene song "Red River", the twangy, quick paced "La Luna" that felt like the perfect tune to accompany a Western car chase, the Mexican influenced love theme "Mexican Stars" and of course the tension building intro tune "Hitch a Ride" which is also the name of the band's debut album and single.

Though the crowd trickled in during the band's performance they eagerly warmed to the band's unique sound insuring that though this is one of the band's first trips to North America it likely won't be their last.

Writer: Michelle Garcia

Photo:Michelle Garcia

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