The Postage Stamps are Stamped For Success

The Postage Stamps
Lee's Palace
February 22, 2007
Shaking the dust of the stage at Lee's Palace on February 22, was local Toronto quintet: The Postage Stamps.

The men of the downtown core thrilled fans with a throbbing performance as they celebrated the release of their premier CD "This Ugly Arrangement." Years of cramped venues, house parties, endless experimentations and hard work was poured into the group's ten track album produced by ex-Arcade Fire member Howard Bilerman with the assistance of Kevin Komoda.

Legendary studio Hotel2Tango in Montreal's mile end was the setting in the summer of 2006. Work done in the analog studio brought forth a crisp sound to "This Ugly Arrangement." But the album's production is truly brought to life on the stage as the men bring to life their tenacity and love for music. Lead singer Jordan Walsh, who admits to suffering from a small amount of performance anxiety, has the heart of a lion when on stage, providing lead vocals on all songs including tracks "Numb" and "The Ocean."

Sharing the stage with him is the multi-talented experimentalist Keith Hamilton. Usually providing the bass beats on most tracks, Hamilton wowed the audience on trombone and saw on "Numb." Swaying in behind Hamilton was guitarist Steve Eccles who surfed through chords of on a wave of music.

Keyboard work was performed by the quiet, yet confident Simeon Abbott and sharing the stage with the Postage Stamps was silent partner Aaron Leaney, saxophonist.

Rounding out the group was the thunderous drumming of resident snare basher Mike Duffield. Bestial fury on the drums was clear on the song "Reckless" - a phenomenal highlight of the night and the last song before the encore. Opening the show to was the powerpop quartet Clothes Make the Man, followed by another CD releasing band Basement Arms.

The Postage Stamps will tour across Ontario and Quebec in support of their CD release, making stops in Oshawa, Ottawa, Montreal, Mississauga and Belleville.

Writer: Brian Baker

Photo:Brian Baker

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