Stars of Track and Field @ Revival

Stars of Track and Field
March 9, 2007
Portland Oregon rockers Stars of Track and Field rocked Revival at their March 9 showcase during Canadian Music Week this year.

The band started their first ever Canadian Music Week show with a bang letting the duo guitarist/ vocalists Jason Bell and Kevin Calaba, who also occasionally put down his strings to take up the keyboard, play off of each other. Their melodies meshed with the sounds of the smashing rhythms of drummer Daniel Orvik and pulsing electronic beats that compensate for their lack of a bass player. A couple of years ago when the band lost their bassist they opted to replace him with digital beats creating a unique sound.

Their repertoire consisted mostly of tunes from their new album Centuries Before Love And War. The vocals flowed from melodic soft spoken lyrics to wailing rocking harmonies leaving plenty of space for the two guitar players to go at it with some intense guitar solos.

Though the crowd was into the music it was a bit hard to get a feeling of intimacy with the band. A combination of a dark venue and the different couloured spotlights spinning around the band in different directions made it a bit difficult to concentrate to see the two dueling guitarists and if it wasn't for the sound of the smashing drums you'd probably not notice the drummer tucked in the back. Luckily their unique blend of atmospheric and electronic rock held the crowd throughout their show.

Writer: Michelle Garcia

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