Paolo Nutini shows off his 'New Shoes'

Paolo Nutini
The Mod Club
March 8, 2007
It may be Canadian Music Week here in Toronto, which never fails to provide the city with some of our country's greatest singers and songwriters. But it's Scotland who lent us some of their talent for this one night only show. Rising star Paolo Nutini rocked the Mod Club this past week.

Interesting, intriguing, talented, and refreshing describe this twenty-year old singer who performed in front of a sold out crowd at the College Street venue. Nutini is definitely an artist to watch out for. From the very start of his set, he showed himself as a confident, very talented young guy with passion, purpose and soul.

When it was time to start, Nutini casually strolled onto the stage as if he had been performing for years, a natural to the music scene. He took his microphone off the stand and made no hesitation giving the crowd what they wanted. With his three band members backing him up, Michael McDaid, Jim Duguid, Donny Little, along with Nutini ignited the stage with their acoustic soulful sound. Nutini started right into the first song. His eager fans of all ages cheered and sang right along to many of the songs; some of which included 'These Streets', 'New Shoes', 'Last Request' and 'Rewind'. After every number, Nutini thanked his fans, showing much appreciation for the loyal fan base he has attracted over the last couple of years. The various colours and motion lights added to Nutini's performance giving each of his songs its own unique look.

After the last song, Nutini quickly exited stage right. After fans waited for what seemed like a while for an anticipated encore, it was evident that he wasn't returning to the stage. Despite the fact that there was no encore, Fans of Nutini were entertained and heard what they wanted to hear.

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Writer: Matt Borrelli

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