John Mayer's Continuum Tour, Behind the Scenes

John Mayer
Madison Square Gardens, NYC
February 28, 2007
I arrived at Madison Square Gardens to meet up with my friend. After quickly stopping by Mat Kearney's dressing room and saying hi, I went out to the main floor to find John Mayer rehearsing in front of an empty venue; with the exception of a group of people who were most likely radio contest winners and VIP. As I stood around listening to John sound check, I couldn't help but be amazed that I was standing in such a world-renowned venue. I had always heard about Madison Square Gardens, and despite the similarities to any other arena, this one just gave you the feeling of accomplishment. I could now say I had been there. After Mat Kearney's rehearsal, I was talking to him, his band and crew; and it was evident that they too were feeling like they had accomplished something big, for them; a milestone in their careers. Who wouldn't love to take to the stage of a popular venue such as this one? It definitely doesn't hurt the career of a musician.

It was finally time for the show to begin. The stands and floor seats were now almost full. Mat Kearney walked on stage and entertained the crowd, some of which included his family visiting from Oregon. For about forty minutes he did his thing. He sang songs that made him popular thanks to the wide radio play and features on shows like Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and Jericho. The crowd listened as he sang hits like 'Nothing Left To Lose', 'All I Need', 'Undeniable' and 'Bullet'. Along with strumming his guitar to many tunes, he also played the keys to a song I love called 'In The Middle'. This guy is great. If you haven't heard of him yet, be sure to check his music out. He is an artist with extreme talent.

Moving through the night, John Mayer took to the stage with the obvious in the crowd, Jessica Simpson, her dad Joe, Alicia Keys, and Rob Thomas, among others. The set was incredible, would you have expected anything less? He played hit after hit and when it came time for an encore, Mayer came out to a little stage in the middle of the arena to play a rendition of 'Your Body Is A Wonderland'. Mayer headed back to the main stage where he invited the incredibly talented Alicia Keys to join him for a song. It was a surprise to all. I was backstage at the time, and we all heard a female voice and came to the conclusion that it had to be Alicia Keys÷we quickly ran out to the floor to be spectators of this great moment.

It was an amazing night and one that will be in my mind for a lifetime. Be sure to check out one of John Mayer's Canadian stops. Although, Mat Kearney will not be with him for those legs of the tour, you won't be disappointed.

Writer: Matt Borrelli

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