David Crowder Band @ Calvary Chapel

David Crowder
Calvary Chapel, Fort Lauderdale, FL
February 23, 2007
It was like the Amazing Race the day of the DCB concert for us, as we arrived in Fort Lauderdale from Buffalo just an hour before the concert, but were met at the door by the kind folks of Calvary Chapel and welcomed as melodies of Crowder and a huge audience echoed from the main sanctuary. The chapel, which may sound small or quaint was actually huge, by a quick glance at the directory it housed tons of community programs, youth activities, and overall help for the emotional and spiritual needs of others in or out of the church, an amazing effort, and one that God's Church was intended for.

At the concert the energy of the crowd was palpable, you could tell that the church services or the Christian concerts that occur here weren't met with a lukewarmness, the congregation pours out their heart to God through dancing and singing to the beat full throttle. It was so cute to see little kids dancing in the aisles and teenage guys running past our row with joy in their hearts willing to dance with anyone who approached them. Crowder sang "O Praise Him" and other classics from his latest CDs, one of the best moments was when he broke out into his modern bluegrass version of "I Saw The Light" where we all joined arms and jumped up and down, whether you were 80 or 8 years old, everyone joined in because the love was contagious. The lights, the stage, the people, it all made it a night filled with joy.

Here's a clip of what the concert was like:

For more information on David Crowder Band please visit www.davidcrowderband.com or www.myspace.com/davidcrowderband.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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