Slim Cessna: Puttin' the Yee in Yeehaw

Slim Cessna Auto Club
The Horseshoe Tavern
January 9, 2004
I have always been of the opinion that country music is what keeps Advil in business. How anyone can put up with the twang and the despair, that lyin', cheatin' gol-darned son of a gun story over and over again…. Yikes.

So imagine how surprised I was to find myself dancing up a storm at The Horseshoe last Friday during Slim Cessna Auto Club's set.

I tried to fight it, naturally. But I didn't last long; wailing banjos, yodeling and a frenzied rhythm section somehow worked on the rational part of my brain that says "Country music is evil!" On stage, the rest of the Auto Club worked their instruments to the bone, playing as if they had been collectively possessed by Satan himself.

These were no wailing ballads about a long lost love. This was a high-octane praise chorus, worshipping life and all its trappings. Slim Cessna preached the Gospel of Good Times and the people came. They came, they danced and reveled in their new-found joy, and it was good.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

Photo:Oz Jenab

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