Jars of Clay @ Chandos-Pattison Auditorium

Jars of Clay
Chandos-Pattison Auditorium
February 24, 2007
Jars of Clay tackled the great white north and landed in Vancouver during their Canadian tour. Well, not quite Vancouver, more like the suburbs of Surrey, but those are only minor details. Playing at the Chandos Pattison Auditorium, the band was welcomed warmly on stage, despite the cold weather outside. They kicked off the night with their infectiously catchy "Work" and proceeded to continue to rock from there. I feel a tad bit sorry for the Jars of Clay boys though, they have some really great songs to rock out with but their audience is not quite the type to enjoy that opportunity to the fullest. People of all ages seemed to be enjoying themselves nonetheless.

Backed by a white screen with changing backgrounds, I felt like I was watching a concert in front of my laptop on screensaver mode. Would have been cooler if they had better backgrounds and didn't sync their screensaver images to the themes of each song, but maybe that was just me. One musical highlight of the evening was their performance of "Oh My God" and the very sophisticated, tension filled ending that built up to a deafening tone and then was silenced by a brilliant flash of light, leaving the stage completely black.

Despite poor sound quality and the lead singer, Dan's constantly static filled mic that required to be switched between songs, Jars of Clay pulled off a great show. Dan even covered up the mic problems like a pro by saying he was just jealous of the guitarists that always got to switch guitars that he insisted his mic be switched between songs as well. A mature and well-practiced band, Jars of Clay brought another consistently enjoyable evening of music to their fans. Hopefully they will brave the cold and venture back up to these parts again.

For more information please visit www.jarsofclay.com.

Writer: Sarah Shandl

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