God Made Me Funky Video Release Party

God Made Me Funky
February 23, 2007
When anyone looks for something exciting to do on a Friday night in downtown Toronto there never seems to be a shortage of great choices. The bars, clubs, and lounges hold some form of entertainment for any music lover's desire. On this particular night on the town, my destination was Revival, a quaint; but very comfortable venue located on College Street.

The crowd was scarce and the night seemed slow to start. People mingled for what seemed like a long time as they waited for artists Roz Bell, Shad K, and God Made Me Funky to take to the stage, but finally the 'revival' was about to start, as the emcee welcomed everyone, people were ready to get the night started with Roz Bell, a talented singer-songwriter who serenaded the crowd with his charming voice playing his acoustic guitar while dressed in complete denim and classy fedora. London, ON based artist Shad K took to the stage next promoting music from his debut album, When This Is Over. His freestyle Rap and tight musicianship was just what was needed before the main act took over the night.

After a brief intermission, the emcee introduced Toronto's own God Made Me Funky to the stage. All ten musicians dressed in their personally unique creative styles wasted no time introducing the reason why they showed up. The debut video to their new single 'Won More Time'. All eyes were on the screens to check out the finished product they had worked so hard making with Kevin DeFreitas (Blink Pictures). The video seemed like so much fun to make, like one big dance party that you wanted to have an invite to. The transitions between each shot were impressive, creative and well edited. This video played backdrop for the rest of the evening as GMMF continued to play songs including their title track "GMMF", "Luv T'Day", "If Ur Funky", and "U Can Do It". They made sure to entertain the crowd with recognizable covers such as "Another One Bites The Dust", and "Walk This Way".

The stage seemed like a small area for comfortably fitting ten talented musicians who can't help but move to the music, but they made it work. It was evident that each member of GMMF loves what they do and they ignite that same passion in their fans. Much of the night consisted of crowd participation to many of the songs that were sung but it was near the end of the night that the electric guitar broke loose and stole the show. At certain points throughout the night, I had to remember I was in attendance to cover the release party because the catchy music and energetic stage presence made for a night to remember.

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Writer: Matt Borrelli

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