Teitur @ Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel
February 16, 2007
There was something incredibly intimate about Teitur's live show at the Drake Underground this weekend. Fans gathered sitting cross legged on the floor of the venue dimly lit by candles as the Danish singer-songwriter walked on stage. Lacking his usual backing band the soft spoken slightly geeky looking musician had nothing to hide behind but his piano and guitar.

He started off his set with tunes from his 2003 debut Poetry and Airplanes saying, "I'm going to play my greatest hits first"; tunes like the sweet, melancholy "Amanda's Dream", the wedding favourite, "One and Only" and the title track "Poetry and Airplanes".

For the most part his brilliantly crafted tunes spoke for themselves, but that never stopped the amicable musician from regaling the audience with the stories that he turned into songs. Like tales of childhood summers with his "mysterious and misunderstood" playmate that inspired the, wonder where she is, tune "Josephine".

He also chatted candidly about his sophomore album Stay Under the Stars that was inspired by lyrics form the Beatles tune Eleanor Rigby, "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?"

He says it inspired him to begin writing songs about loneliness like his maddening, sinister re-interpretation of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" and his current single "Louis Louis" begging jazz great Louis Armstrong to return and re-inspire a lost generation. "I thought if I put them all on the same album they wouldn't' be lonely anymore" he told the audience.

In spite of his song's serious topics it was his sense of humour that endeared him to the crowd joking as he introduced his tune "You Get Me" that it would be the perfect comeback song for eighties pop star Whitney Houston.

The lack of a back up band didn't seem to make him shy away from playing some of his more dynamic tunes in exchange for a mellower set, but the blend of tunes from his old and new records did well to match the relaxed, low key feel of the evening.

He capped off his set with crowd pleasers, "All My Mistakes", "Sleeping With The Lights On" and "I Was Just Thinking" before bowing shyly to the contented crowd.

Writer: Michelle Garcia

Photo:Michelle Garcia

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