Audio Adrenaline Get Toronto Jumpin'

Audio Adrenaline
Canada Christian College
November 18, 2006
They came in droves to see the final Canadian performance from a band whose career has spanned over 15 years and now it was time for Canada and Audio A to say farewell with a rockin' party of a concert. Some may say frontman Mark Stuart was losing his voice (the reason why the band called it quits), but he gave it his all and we loved every vein popping note he displayed before fans old and new. Lead guitarist, Tyler Burkum sang amazing as usual, taking over for Mark on several songs like "Starting Over" and "Ocean Floor", he has mind boggling perfect pitch when he screams the power anthems, just amazing. It was even mentioned Tyler was going to start a solo career which was great to hear so watch out for that.

The whole band performed flawlessly, we had seen them at Lifest earlier in the summer in Wisconsin and the same festival energy was felt by all in the more intimate setting of Canada Christian College, who, God bless them, always bring in the big boys to set us all on fire with the joy of Christ. Not only did Audio A get the crowd jumping to nearly every song, they kept their own energy up whether it was bashing on the drums to "Big House", wailing on the guitar or with all the energy that can possibly fit in a human being, screaming of their love for Christ and how they've been loved by Him in so many ways. It was infectious and fun, and anyone who didn't know about this hope before the concert seemed to draw near to the stage and begin to consider if they were really made for something great like Mark mentioned.

They finished with "Goodbye" a song penned by Tyler to the band and fans and provided an obviously nice closing tune for the evening. Overall, you were left with knowing that God doesn't make junk and we're here for a purpose to find out about Jesus' love for us and to honour that in our lives because once we truly find out what He did for us, we're going to want to shine just like Mark and the rest of Audio A have for the past 15 years.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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