Mute Math Impress at Debut Canadian Date

Mute Math
El Mocambo
November 9, 2006
Jonzetta opened the floor and pulled people in with their tight rhythm. Favorites tracks where the lyrics made sense and the drums beat right through you were "Imagination" and "Communicate". The Whigs were up next and took a heck of a long time to set up, but electric lead guitar was stunning as he pounced around with his red head locks and swayed like a dagger in the midst of the frontman's screams and reverb. Whigs have a unique sound though, with the Georgian twang, reverb, and pulsating beats they make you wonder if they're off key or right on with something different.

Mute Math finally took the stage later that night to roars of thunderous clapping and mood lighting and smoke machines. The famous red keytar took the stage before the band and even got a standing ovation before everyone took their place. Darren, ever the drumming dramatist, began duct taping up his headphones to his head and frontman Paul Meany took to the mic with "Typical" to open the show. It was melodic, with flawless bass and electric guitar. On top of that, Paul's jumps and kicks and crowd surfing was commendable considering El Mocambo keeps it 1000 degrees in the tightly packed club and he was wearing a blazer the whole time. A highlight was "Stare at the Sun", which had a divine bass guitar solo by Roy Mitchell-C∑rdenas.

The great Atari was a show stopper with its lime green lights flashing as the crowd played it while Paul jumped around some more on stage. Songs from the Reset EP even made it into the mix.

Piano was the unifying factor in what was a loud and energized evening at El Mocambo. Jonzetta finished their set licking the keys of their keyboard in rocker ferver, Mute Math ofcourse brought the Keytar and tickled those ivories, and Whigs used toy piano sounds during a few of their tunes.

Mute Math above all though totally blew the crowd away, it was a deafening evening filled with tons of ethereal rhythms, meaningful lyrics, and energetic anthems. We're so glad Mute Math decided to hang with Torontonians (and those that travelled a greater distance to check them out), and hope they come back real soon.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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