White Cowbell Oklahoma's Adam Warner Releases Solo CD

Adam Warner
C'est What?
December 10, 2003
Talent is a strange thing: mix a whole lot of it with a genuine love of music and a humble nature and it makes you want to scream. Not in horror, or pain, or anger, but in sheer disbelief. Which is exactly how I felt watching Adam Warner play at C'est What? on Wednesday night.

Also known as the drummer for White Cowbell Oklahoma, Warner stepped out from behind the skins and into the spotlight to showcase material from his newest CD (inserts title here). Continuously thanking his band mates, the audience, even his mom who was in attendance, Warner graced us all with a beautiful collection of folk songs that made you wish major labels would burn to the ground and music returned to its storytelling roots.

Now add to this talent mix a pinch of mystery and you have the quieter, but no less impressive Brain MacMillan who followed after Warner's performance. With a definite psychedelic touch, MacMillan silently took us on a journey to somewhere by the ocean, brought us back to the club and did it all so subtly that it's only now that I realized what happened.

There was no impressive light show, pyrotechnics or go-go dancers at C'est What? but sometimes just watching music happen in its purest form is impressive. And I was definitely impressed.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

Photo:Oz Jenab

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