Hellogoodbye, Come Back!

Opera House
October 28, 2006
Whatever justifies a good concert, crowd surfing should be on the top of the list; I mean what beats being hoisted on to the shoulders by your peers against the backdrop of live music? And there was certainly crowd surfing at the Hellogoodbye concert. The audience was bursting to the seams with teenage energy, the kind that makes you feel invincible, cool, and manic.I hadn't seen people giddy like that in ages.

They guys played on a stage set with swirls of pastel, a lit up screen, and two futuristic disco-ball-like contraptions that flanked the sides; two descriptors come to mind: sweetly psychedelic and cartoonishly goofy. It
was the perfect background for the kind of fun synthesizer infused power pop that Hellogoodbye is known for. The band played hard and responded to their
audience with vigorous drums and hook laden melodies. Fuelled by the lead singer Forrest Kline's quirky geek chic charm, Hellogoodbye had the audience eating out of its hands. The audience enthusiastically responded to his
cheeky remarks and the ribbing that involved him and his bandmates. He played with the crowd like passing the mic to a concert goer, all the while things were thrown on to the stage in adoration. Prancing around in a fitted yellow graphic T and skin tight jeans, Kline was charismatic and possessed strong showmanship that was a little like a young Rivers Cuomo with the energy of Freddie Mercury.

When Hellogoodbye played "Here in Your Arms" the crowd enthusiastically sang along, knowing all the words and musical phrasing. Evidently, Hellogoodbye's simple yet catchy song constructions translated well into audience participation. The crowd unabashedly embraced the whole electronic voice distorter thing, which sounded eerily like Daft Punk. People enthusiastically basked in the music dancing and moving to the rhythms. When the final
song ended the "encores" were already in full effect. Undaunted, the audience kept at it until Kline came back out to do a semi solo encore with just a guitar. But the stripped down genre didn't last long. The rest of the
band soon came out and covered a rousing rendition of Blink 182's "All the Small Things". The crowd went crazy and I was brought back to the days of yore when adolescence resembled simple, repetitive chord progressions and easy to hear lyrics. As if the frenzy wasn't enough, confetti fell on to the crowd for full dramatic effect. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Because Hellogoodbye still hasn't gotten too big to be jaded the concert was satisfying; they were fresh, unapologetically fun and the concertgoers knew it

Writer: Frieda Luk

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