David Crowder Makes A Joyful Noise

David Crowder Band
Dow Event Center, Saginaw, MI
October 13, 2006
The David Crowder Band brought its own brand of quirky rock 'n' roll to Saginaw, MI, Friday, as fans filed into the Dow Event Center for a high-energy fusion of gospel and rock.

Crowder and fellow bandmates represent a new "out of the box" approach to what some have previously termed Christian rock. Having experience combining churches and college students, Crowder knows how to reach a younger audience. He sports an afro and goatee, and fills his show with pop references like the A-Team in the middle of inspired messages of faith, all of which equates to popularity among the college crowd.

Right from the start of the show, drummer B-Wack hammered out a beat to get the crowd amped, leading into a rendition of "Here Is Our King." The band then led a sing-along version of "No One Like You," complete with the crowd raising their hands toward the heavens. Crowder stopped the song half way through, bringing out his keytar, explaining "I gotta indulge in a little 80s here, and hear my favorite 80s song." Keyboardist Mike Dodson let loose a fiery rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme, before they finished the song with flourish.

Texas natives that they are, a ho-down was next on the agenda, as they performed a cover of Hank Williams, Sr.'s "I Saw the Light," complete with mini ho-downs in the audience.

A soulful rendition of "Wholly Yours" then gave way to "You Are My Joy." Crowder referred to it as the band's "rock opera," and they certainly lived up to this title as the stage lights enhanced Crowder's own dramatic performance of the end of the song.

The band delivered another stirring performance with "Turn Your Ear to Heaven," just before the band's big finish. "Is it alright if we get a little rowdy on this one?" asked Crowder of the audience. "With as much air in your lungs as you've got, explode," he directed them, and the crowd was all too willing to help during "Make a Joyful Noise" to do just that.

The David Crowder Band is currently on tour, opening for Third Day, and performing with fellow openers Hyper Static Union.

Writer: Wes Holing

Photo:Wes Holing

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