Massive Attack Box with the Beats

Massive Attack
The Carlu
October 6, 2006
Beginning with an incredible view in Toronto, seventh floor at the Carlu transports you back in time to the 1920s in all it's art deco glamour. Gorgeous seating on the top balcony, high ceilings, and a plentiful floor for general admission that lets you get right up to the performance. Massive Attack, notorious for making the crowd sweat until they finally enter the stage did just that again. The familiar Matrix-like numbers flashing on screens behind the band provoked a certain urgency, yet the chill beats balanced out the mood and allowed for the crowd to start feeling the "massive" vibe.

Frontman Robert Del Naja, aka 3D, was decked out in a military uniform and liked to box and throw phantom punches at the keyboards during songs, I think this should be known as his signature move. Grant Marshall, aka Daddy G, complimented Del Naja's vocals with some bass tonality and is by far the tallest person I've seen on stage for a while.

"Teardrop" was performed eloquently by an unpresumptuous and relaxed chanteuse as 3D ripped it up on his little effects box the next second. "Angel" and "Unfinished Sympathy" were excellent, the crackling vocal effects on "Angel" and the insanely talented high notes and old school break beats on "Unfinished" really got you into the performance.

The crowd was tightly packed and loved every minute of it, Carlu was definitely packed to capacity and everyone was dancing and swaying with their neighbours. These Brits surely put on a good show for Toronto, a welcome experience that we all hope to have again sometime soon.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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