BarlowGirl Play Austin

Lake Hills Church
June 25, 2006
With fog rolling across the stage the long blonde haired Lauren Barlow took her seat behind her DKW drum kit at Lake Hills Church in Austin Texas on June 25th. Her sister Rebecca Barlow joined the twenty year old on stage as her Fender Telecaster guitar slashed heavy rock riffs across an auditorium filled with stoked teenage girls waiting to greet their heroes. Dressed in blue jeans, silver studded belt and a red tee shirt twenty-five year old Rebecca Barlow's long brown hair fell over her face as she bent low to deliver another deep groove. Alyssa Barlow the bassist / keyboardist and final member of the band delivers emotive lyrics from the left of the stage.

The molten riffs of the opening songs "On My Own" and "Let Go" were complimented by thundering drumbeats and liberal use of the crash cymbals. As the petite Alyssa bounced about the stage the band's young admirers jumped, clapped and shrieked in delight.

The girls who all wear purity rings, a symbol of keeping themselves chaste until they are married have defied the odds during the past twelve months. Despite what even most evangelical Christians would consider to be a very conservative approach to dating the ladies have found their music thrust into the spotlight with appearances on the Today Show, Fox Television and a two page spread in Sophisticated Hairstyles magazine. Numerous mainstream music outlets including Billboard and Yahoo Music have thrown their support behind BarlowGirl.

During the song "Mirror" Rebecca shared her battles with depression and an eating disorder when she was in her teenage years. She talked about finding God on a bathroom floor. As for the song it highlighted the beautiful and emotive vocals of Alyssa Barlow. Mirror is a song of affirmation that the reflected image is of a person wonderfully created. Lauren sang out over and over again the line "You don't define me; You don't define me" aimed at the mirror into which the singer gazes.

BarlowGirl is more than heavy rock beats as evidenced by the gentle ballad "Pedestal" (2004 self titled album) and "I Need You To Love Me" (Another Journal Entry-2005). The band also covered "Lord I Give You My Heart".

The audience sat down after the power packed "No One Like You". Lauren Barlow made their fans promise they would be back on their feet for the final two songs after she delivered a charged evangelistic missive based on Romans 12:2. She stood behind her elevated position behind the drums as the crowd clapped and gave her a rousing cheer.

The set closed with a signature tune "Average Girl" and the song "Never Alone".

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Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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