Newsboys in Toronto

Canada Christian College
May 21, 2006
The much anticipated concert before summer festival season exploded into a captivating night filled with familiar songs, friends, and a renewed inspiration to dig deeper in relationship with God.

Usually I'm pretty excited about life, but some days I feel as spiritually drained as the next person, there's so much crap out there that'll bring you down if you let it. So I was in a sort of 'been there done that' mood until I walked among the crowds at Newsboys and I saw teenagers take the challenge of sponsoring a child and people in the audience accepting Christ in a city that normally feels very apathetic to take courage in God, it was inspiring.

Not only the crowd, but the mega-talent of Australia's Newsboys coming to Toronto reminded me that all that feels wrong will soon be right as all things work together to His glory in the end. I felt revived when the band conveyed this message to us.

The latest member of Newsboys, and a heck of a singer and songwriter in his own right, Paul Colman graced the stage belting out backup and playing smooth guitar. Frontman Peter Furler set us a blaze with "I Am Free", "Blessed be your Name" and the crowds hopped up and down to "Shine" as ticker tape poured down from the ceiling.

From an old man in a suit to teens to little kids, they all came out to praise God, that's what's so amazing when you go to a concert like this, how people bind together in His name, everyone feels welcome, whereas elsewhere parents and their kids can often feel segregated; bringing God into the picture brings them together somehow. Something I can personally attest to, and what I hope all readers experience, is the joy God has intended for them and the knowledge that the greatest remedy when in darkness is His light.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Paul Whitfield

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