Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode
May 18, 2006
There are not many bands that I would shell out almost a hundred bucks to see twice on the same tour but having seen them several times, I know I will always get my money's worth at a Depeche Mode show. With over 20 years of solid material, it's always a guessing game for me as to which songs they will play. And although they can never play every song that I love in a two hour set, they always manage to pull out some gems.

After having to cancel two shows last week due to lead singer, Dave Gahan getting laryngitis, I found that this show was not as energetic as Depeche Mode's earlier stop in Toronto in December 2005. But Dave Gahan on a bad night is still better than most singers on a good night. His voice was up to par and he managed to hit most of the notes; although I sensed there was a bit of a struggle with his voice early in the evening. The fans did not seem to mind helping him out. Each chorus was a sing-along and the crowd took over the entire song when they played "Enjoy The Silence."

Once again, I could not take my eyes off of Dave Gahan all night. He owned the stage with his trademark dance moves and he effortlessly directed the crowd in his way that always seems to come easy for him. Joining Dave on stage were original Depeche Mode members, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher as well as a drummer and another keyboard player. Martin played guitar and keys and took the lead vocals on several songs. He did an incredible job on a stripped down version of "Shake The Disease."

Opening the evening was "She Wants Revenge," a band that sounds eerily similar to Depeche Mode. I caught these guys when they played the Horseshoe Tavern earlier this year and they had the capacity crowd dancing from start to finish of their set. This wasn't the case this time around. They played a great sounding set with danceable tunes from their self-titled CD but most of the audience was clearly at the ACC for Depeche Mode. Lead singer, Justin Warfield still managed to get the crowd to stand up for their last song, "Tear You Apart."

Writer: Liz Lulu

Photo:David Rout

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