Delirious? 'Rain Down' with Worship

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
April 15, 2006
By the time Frontman Martin Smith walked onto the stage with his guitar at 8 pm, the audience, estimated at 6,000, were in a frenzy anticipating the appearance of their British guitar heroes, Delirious? Dressed in a black crush velvet jacket, blue jeans, black shirt and red tie Smith and fellow guitarist Stuart Garrard began to play the riffs to "Send Me".

By the time the words to the second song "Rain Down" began to vibrate through the cavernous hall of the venue the barricades in front of the stage were threatening to topple under the weight of the people pressing against them. Smith was now at the edge of the stage with the microphone raised high above his head and his fans were singing the chorus of "Rain Down". For those who were too far back in the sea of faces or did not have a good vantage point the concert was broadcast over twin screens flanking the stage.

Grinning impishly and with his blond bangs almost in his eyes Smith took the band's fans to another level with the rocking tune "Paint The Town Red". The song was their first release in the UK from the latest release, Mission Bell. The crowd comprised almost entirely of teenagers sang heartily, "We're going to paint this big old town red / Oh here we come, here we come."

In total, Delirious? performed fifteen songs including eight from Mission Bell. Highlights included "Solid Rock" to which lead vocalist Smith added the special effect of singing through a megaphone. Garrard laid down some high octane licks during the guitar solo portion of "Solid Rock". Garrard also took the initial lead on vocals during "Inside Out" and demonstrated he can also lay claim to a fine set of pipes.

As "Miracle Worker" started to wind down Martin Smith once again walked to the edge of the stage. With Bible in hand he said, "This is the Bible and it is still the most amazing piece of literature that exists on the earth. It contains the keys to unlock any situation." He read from John chapter five and then spoke to the audience for a few moments encouraging them to take a stand for God and become history makers. It provided a nice segue into the rockier "History Maker".

The latter part of the band's set was more worship oriented. With their fans bathed in pale blue light Delirious? led their fans in singing "Majesty" and "Our God Reigns".

Rounding out the British quintet is Jon Thatcher on bass and Tim Jupp on keys.

The volunteers at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship are to be complimented for their ability to maintain order and courtesy in the midst of what could have been a chaotic fan frenzy. The concert served as one of the highlights for a weekend long youth conference. Equally to be thanked is the road crew for Delirious? including their manager Ian Cattle. The crew is one of the most accommodating and professional that I have encountered.

Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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